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Michael Martinez of Pagosa Springs, CO, is a two-time Colorado State Champion wrestler, Olympic Training Center resident, and four-time NCAA qualifier for the University of Wyoming. Recently he awoke at 1:00am and was lighting the pilot light in his camper when a propane leak caused the entire unit to explode and erupt into flames, resulting in 2nd and 3rd degree burns to 80% of his body.

Alone, and in typical Michael Martinez fashion, he extinguished the flames on his body, got in his truck and drove himself to reach help. He was life-flighted to a trauma and burn center in Albuquerque, New Mexico, where he spent three weeks. He has been in intense pain and is very weak, but he is a fighter. Michael is now home to continue the long road to recovery.

Michael graduated from Wyoming last spring and has been working in construction, ranching, and as a volunteer wrestling coach, but was without insurance at the time of the accident. The wrestling community bands together – when the Olympics try to take out our sport and when accidents happen. Let’s come together to support Michael and show, once again, the strength of the wrestling community.

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UPDATE ON MICHAEL – May 31st, 2013:
Michael has made great progress, but has several months of tough road ahead.

A recent visit with Michael indicated that he has made some real progress in the healing process. He is gradually working his way out of bandages that at one time had to cover the majority of his body. He is able to walk around for exercise and even indicated that he had been ‘up to the wrestling room’, and just feeling the mat under his feet was therapeutic. Michael continues to have regular visits to the burn center in Albuquerque, but doctors and physical therapists are in awe of Michael’s progress.

Michael has a tough task in front of him as his body continues to heal and the financial burden of this ordeal is great. If you can help carry the financial burden, please do so. You can donate through PayPal at www.michaelmartinezfund.com, transfer money to the Michael Martinez Fund at any Wells Fargo, or you can mail a check to: Wells Fargo, Michael Martinez Donation Fund, 50 Harman Park Drive, Pagosa Springs, CO 81147. Your support and encouragement has helped Michael greatly.


This is a song that Michael and a friend, Andy Janowsky, wrote and a way of saying “Thank You” to the hundreds of people who have come alongside him and his family during this trying season of his life. Only a few names are actually mentioned in the song, but in Michael’s mind he wants it to say “Thank You” to us all.

By Michael Martinez and Andy Janowsky

I grew up in a small hick town that only had one light
I got educated I graduated and moved on with my life
Found myself on the city streets concrete and dirty air
Way too loud lost in a crowd and no one seemed to care

One day I hooked up that RV and made my way back home
Parked it out on the old ranch and lived life all alone
No cell phones no visitors nobody gave a hoot
Just my horse my dog my hat and worn out pair of boots

One long cold night I fired up the stove to get me through
The whole place just went up in flames but when I first came to

There was Lightner up from Oklahoma the Thrashers from down south
People that I’d never met before were there to help me out
The Burnsides came from Tennessee from Montana there was Cole
John Suritas from West Virginia there was Suder and King Mo
And from my bed it took my breath away tears filled my eyes
All their time and tears and smiles had made me realize
The goodness in my fellow man through all their thoughts and prayers

I’m getting stronger every day thankful to be alive
I’ll never be the same but through it all I will survive
If you’re feeling all alone and strugglin’ day to day
You think nobody has your back that’s what I used to say

Until I saw Melissa came down from Colorado
Carly came from Michigan and my old high school coach
My mom and dad stood next to me the preacher from my town
Katlin with those big blue eyes my friends were all around
And from my bed it took my breath away tears filled my eyes
All their time their tears and smiles had made me realize
The goodness in my fellow man through all their thoughts and prayers

By Michael Martinez and Andy Janowsky/Copyright 2013

Andy is a member of a well-known band from the 4 Corners area called THE HIGH ROLLERS http://www.highrollersband.com/. You might hear this song put to music by the band soon.


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